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The site is divided into three main sections, Art, About and Education. I began my art career as a sculptor. My work then evolved into performance art in which I became the sculpture. In 1997 my interests moved to digital imaging and photography. The Rail Quilt is a public art project I completed for NJ Transit in the summer of 2000. Presently, I am working on a series of digital images I call Pinwheels.

As an educator I have been a middle school art and/or technology teacher since 1991. My one-point perspective tutorial has helped teach drawing to students from around the world. At present, I teach TV production, digital imaging, digital video and other technology courses. Visit the Education section to learn about my teaching and the presentations I have done.

An image from Death in the Suburbs was in the NJ Arts Annual at the Noyes Museum, Summer, 2007.

One-Point Perspective Handouts, Interactive CDs and Interactive DVDs are now available.



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